All the apartments on ground floor benefit from private terraces and a private garden. All the apartments on upper floor have balconies. Beside these private outdoor spaces, the landscape around the building is also developed. The intention is to provide a contemporary landscape interpretation of the Arts and Crafts movement through the plants proposed and the uses it will create. The landscape around the buildings has been developed with 3 different characters: 1. The retention of the existing landscape. Providing a light touch approach, which draws on existing typologies and maintained through landscape management, ensuring that the existing landscape retains its character without becoming overgrown and unsightly. 2. The creation of a new wild flower meadow. The meadow will form a continuation of the current landscape providing a connection between the existing and the proposed, softening hard edges and tying the development into the landscape. 3. Formal lawns, ornamental planting and herb gardens will be provided adjacent to the buildings. The intention is to provide a varied landscape from which the residents may use in variety of ways from sitting and relaxing on the lawns to tending to the communal herb gardens. 4. A tennis court is also developed as a part of Sylvan Heritage development. The residents will have access to the restaurant and pool/spa facilities developed in Phase 1 and 2 of the Wildernesse Estate development.

Planning History

Pegasus Life first submitted an outline planning application to redevelop the Wildernesse Estate and create a community for older people in 2014. The Sylvan Heritage part of the original permission comprises the second phase of the development. Outline planning permission was granted in respect of the proposed works in 2015. Pegasus Life agreed as part of the original planning permission to participate in a Design Review Process with Wildernesse Residents Associations to consider further the detailed design and appearance of the five blocks that comprise Sylvan Heritage. The revised proposals were developed in collaboration with residents over the period of January 2016- June 2016. The process involved rigorous studying, modelling, testing and detailing to update and enhance the original scheme. The revision formed the basis of section 73 (MMA) application, which consents was granted on 13 April 2017. After the approval of the Section 73 application, Pegasus Life has been progressing the marketing of the development in parallel with the current phase 1 construction works. Feedback from this process has confirmed that the preference from purchasers is for extra care units that are smaller than those shown for the five buildings that comprise the Sylvan Heritage part of the permission. Given this situation the Pegasus Life team has explored how they might rationalise the internal layouts of the individual units that make up the consented Sylvan Heritage buildings and as a result deliver smaller units that will better fit the demand profile of prospective purchaser. In pursuit of this Pegasus Life have prepared a new planning application in relation to the Sylvan Heritage part of the site which was submitted on February 2018.

Project Team

Architect: Morris+Company
Developer: PegasusLife

Development Data

Site size (ha): 6.77
Estimated date of completion: 06/2020
Schedule of accommodation: 7 x 1 bed apartments, 40 x 2 bed apartments, 6 x 3 bed apartments
Tenure mix: 100% private dwelling
Size of typical home: 95
Parking spaces: 57

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