Blocks C, D and E are part of site 30, and block A and B are part of site 29. Two large communal spaces are proposed to be used by the residents. These landscaped podiums will incorporate hard and soft landscaping and add quality to the development while creating a buffer to prevent the flats in the interior of the site being overlooked. The spaces will also engender a sense of community as residents share the space. Residents on the ground floor will have private gardens on the podium level. For ground floor maisonettes and one bedroom apartments on Washbourne Road and Harrison Road, small front gardens are provided. All other floors have access to balconies, the sizes of which exceed the minimum amenity spaces specified in the London Housing SPG. Private terraces are introduced on the top levels of both houses and flats throughout the scheme. The main blocks facing Winchelsea Road feature large terraces on the top corners offering long distance views.

Planning History

Outline planning permission was granted for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Stonebridge Estate in September 1997, for approximately 1,604 residential units in 2, 3 and 4 storey blocks, open space, shops and community facilities. A comprehensive master plan was prepared for the estate area, and this was revised and approved by Brent Council in August 2005.
An outline application was submitted to Brent Council in September 2007 for the construction of 280 new units, amenity space and replacement community building. The scheme comprised two separate perimeter block arrangements, separated by a new pedestrian route, rising from 4 storeys adjacent to the existing Stonebridge area (and Site 28) to 5, 6 and 7 stories along the frontage with Winchelsea Road. Following consultation with Brent Council planners, the scheme was withdrawn in December 2007 when it became clear that the scheme could not be implemented without the removal of the existing trees situated along the Winchelsea Road frontage, which were protected under a Tree Preservation Order. After this time a Conclusory Statement was submitted to Brent Council in 2007. It reflected upon the regeneration progress that had been made to date and reviewed the development potential of the remaining redevelopment sites. Following the submission of the statement, it was recognised by Brent Council that these sites would accommodate more private units to help balance the high numbers of social units already provided to rehouse existing tenants.
Between 2007 and 2015 Hyde continued developing other sites at the Stonebridge Estate and re-approached Brent in late 2015 with a revised planning application which build on the desire for the final phases of the scheme to be more private sale focused. A public consultation took place in January 2016 with a planning application in February and consent achieved in October 2016.
Whilst the scheme provides 30% affordable housing, these homes will be delivered on an alternative phase of the Stonebridge Estate, allow the affordable housing to be delivered quicker which was supported by Brent.

Project Team

Architect: HTA Design LLP
Developer: The Hyde Group
Planning Authority: London Borough of Brent

Development Data

Site size (ha): 0.96
Estimated date of completion: 02/09/2021
Schedule of accommodation: 1 beds x 43, 2 beds x 62, 3 beds x 15, 4 beds x5
Tenure mix: 70% private dwelling and 30% Affordable housing
Size of typical home: 74
Parking spaces: 133 basement car parking spaces, 9 on-street spaces along Lawrence Avenue

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