Every flat has its own private amenity space in the form of a terrace, balcony and/or winter garden. All private amenity spaces exceed the London Mayors minimum standards with the majority of dwellings having benefit of generous south facing terraces and balconies that are the full width of the apartment. In addition to the private amenity, there are three communal amenity spaces including a large south-facing landscaped courtyard, a penthouse level roof garden with views across London, and a children’s play space with wildlife garden at ground level.

Planning History

The scheme at Northway House has benefited from a constructive and collaborative planning process, working closely with London Borough of Barnet Officers and the GLA. Through a detailed and comprehensive process with the Planning and Urban Design Officers at Barnet, the opportunity to reinvigorate a rapidly declining 1960’s tower block, an existing landmark on the skyline of a suburban Whetstone High Road, became an exciting opportunity. The loss of commercial tenants and a change in working practices has seen this building failing with no investment, meaning the fabric is poorly managed and maintained.

Changes in permitted development rules highlighted the potential for a sustainable re-use of this building and the opportunity for a mixed use residential led development. The Officers recognised the challenges of the existing building, site context, existing neighbours, level changes and the proximity to a busy road. They were keen for good quality open landscaped spaces, retaining a balance of commercial and residential development and providing but concealing the proposed parking on the site.

An extensive townscape appraisal supported proposals for the re clad of the existing tower, and carefully analysed the proposed and existing building in its context, to ensure that there was no detrimental impact of the changes being proposed as an important landmark from a series of significant viewpoints. The proposed scheme was carefully developed to ensure that no additional bulk and height was added to the building, which was demonstrated in a series of distance and close up verified views of the building

Project Team

Architect: RMA Architects
Developer: Redrow Homes London
Planning Authority: London Borough of Barnet

Development Data

Site size (ha): 0.7937
Estimated date of completion: 15/05/2017
Schedule of accommodation: 44x1bed, 77x2bed, 27x3bed, 1x3 bed duplex
Tenure mix: 11 affordable units
Size of typical home: 78.8
Parking spaces: 168

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