Amenity Space
Mapleton Crescent offers a wide variety of internal and external amenity spaces which serve different purposes for the Pocket residents. At the lower ground floor, there is a generous residents’ lobby which incorporates a resident information wall and a small seated working area. Alongside this, there is a large bike store with lockers and changing areas. At the upper ground level, there is a dual aspect residents’ lounge with comfortable seating overlooking the river. At first floor there is an external terrace with views south along the River Wandle. Finally, on the 23rd floor, there is a large triple-aspect external terrace with soft landscaping and built-in benches. This larger space could be used for small external functions.

Private amenity space is provided for all 2B and 3B apartments in the form of balconies, with the top two apartments having enclosed winter gardens. No Pocket apartments have balconies – instead, their private amenity area is added to the calculations for shared amenity space.

Public amenity space is provided in the form of a new 3m wide riverside walkway, which is intended to be extended further south as neighbouring development takes place. A new improved street frontage and public realm will also be provided around the base of the building.

Planning History

The site is a triangular piece of land left over from the redevelopment of the Southside Shopping Centre, and it was the subject of a previous application by others, for provision of dwellings within an 11 storey envelope. Pocket then acquired an interest in the site and approached Metropolitan Workshop to develop a capacity study to test viability.
In February 2015, the first planning application was made for 86 homes over 25 storeys. In August 2015, a second application was made which incorporated an additional storey without an overall increase in height. It is this application, approved later that year, which forms the basis of this HDA submission. This is the proposal which is currently being built on site.

Project Team

Architect: Metropolitan Workshop
Developer: Pocket Living
Planning Authority: London Borough of Wandsworth

Development Data

Site size (ha): 0.05
Estimated date of completion: 08/01/2018
Schedule of accommodation: 53 x 1 bed apartments, 36 x 2/3 bed apartments
Tenure mix: 60% affordable. 40% market
Size of typical home: 38.4
Parking spaces: none

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