An arrival space provides a pedestrian friendly area with planting and seating, whilst also enabling parking, drop off and deliveries. This leads to Huntley Street, a mews street with sett paving, street trees and clearly defined defensible space. This then leads to the new riverside square which contains an in-ground water feature, raised lawns, with seating, new and retained tree planting to provide sun and shade. The riverside edge is transformed into a seating terrace overlooking the river, and a new accessible route is provided to the waterside. Floating gardens of native plants are proposed to improve biodiversity. The tow path is planted with new trees and lower planting to create a colourful walk through the year, with places to sit along the route. A green street to the east provides access to properties, with hedged lined boundaries, and includes a linear green space for sitting, eating, working and play. The boundary retains many existing trees and plants new ones and adds significant new planting. Three large podium gardens provide green spaces for residents of all ages.

Planning History

The site falls within the ‘Eastern Opportunity Area’ of the Reading Central Area Action Plan, which guides development in Reading to 2026. The site is also wholly within the East Side Major Opportunity Area (Policy RC3) and forms the southern half of the Forbury Retail Park sub-area (Policy RC3c). These allocations follow on from the Kenavon Drive Urban Design Concept Statement SPG (2004). The scheme was submitted for full planning approval in April 2016 and went to committee in January 2018. It received great support from the members with the report stating it was ‘an exemplar proposal for the borough, demonstrating quality from the masterplan layout down to the detailed design of the doorstep experience.’

Project Team

Architect: PRP
Developer: L&Q

Development Data

Site size (ha): 2.8
Estimated date of completion: 01/01/2021
Schedule of accommodation: 18 x 1B1P, 302 x 1B2P, 109 x 2B3P, 300 x 2B4P, 30 x 3B5P, 6 x 3B6P
Tenure mix: 20.52% affordable overall. 70.06% of the affordable units will be rented (110 units) and 29.94% will be shared ownership (47 units)
Size of typical home: 48.3
Parking spaces: 359

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