A new public Town Square is located at the centre of the development, at the intersection of the two main access routes connecting through the site, all of which are entirely pedestrianised and lined with shops, restaurants and cinema. The new Town Square provides opportunities for informal play, outdoor dining, and has a flexible Central space which can accommodate various sports, markets and events. To address the mixed use nature of the development, with a combination of retail, leisure and residential homes, the outdoor amenity was designed to enhance the interfaces between the different uses.

At raised podium level above the public realm, there are several communal residential landscaped courtyards. In addition to this, every home includes either a private balcony, terrace or winter garden.

Planning History

The team for Hounslow High Street Quarter was brought together to submit for an OJEU competition. We were successful in meeting the aspirations for the site in a key location identified in the Hounslow Town Centre Masterplan (2013).

The proposal has been developed in conjunction with the London Borough of Hounslow through an extensive Planning Performance Agreement design process. This was alongside extensive public consultation with stakeholders and town centre groups.

Planning approval was received in November 2015.

Project Team

Architect: tp bennett
  • Barratt London
  • Wilson Bowden
  • Planning Authority: London Borough of Hounslow

    Development Data

    Site size (ha): 2.48
    Estimated date of completion: 03/01/2021
    Schedule of accommodation: 197 x 1bed apartments, 280 x 2bed apartments, 43 x 3bed apartments, 7 x 2bed townhouses
    Tenure mix: 59% private accommodation, 41% affordable accommodation
    Size of typical home: 73
    Parking spaces: 513 (50:50 residential:commercial split)

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