Entry type: Completed

Number/street name: Nile St

Address line 2:

City: London

Postcode: 17

Architect: Avanti Architects

Architect contact number: 02072783060

Developer: London Borough of Hackney.

Planning Authority: London Borough of Hackney

Planning Reference: 2016/0946

Date of Completion: 01/2020

Schedule of Accommodation: 5 x Studio; 72 x 1 Bed; 84 x 2 Bed; 14 x 3 Bed

Tenure Mix: 100% private with the scheme paying for the school, new public realm and highways improvements and financial contributions to off site affordable housing and other school development in the borough.

Total number of homes: 175

Site size (hectares): 0.64

Net Density (homes per hectare): 326 units per hectare

Size of principal unit (sq m): 98

Smallest Unit (sq m): 40

Largest unit (sq m): 212

No of parking spaces: 20

Planning History:
The scheme was submitted for planning in February 2016 and granted planning permission in April 2016. A preapplication process are carried out with the Local Authority for a period of 2 years prior to submission.

Description of the design:
This £113m project offers a new, innovative model for densification of inner-city sites and a sustainable way of addressing the current shortfalls in funding for new education facilities. Overall the project delivers 175 residential units and commercial/gallery space which cross fund the building of a school as well as other public benefits. The scheme makes an outstanding contribution to the local neighbourhood through creation of a new public space, improving connectivity and permeability in the area. The site strategy adopts a layered approach to the overall massing composed of low, mid and high rise development. This allows the development to be tailored to the unique conditions on each boundary and mitigates impacts to neighbouring residential and commercial properties. Within this overall envelope the school is then articulated in the form of a podium from which springs a 7 storey street block and a 29 storey tower. The 7 storey street block, which fronts Nile Street, has elegant proportions and is expressed in a cast masonry frame with full height glazing. Its expression refers to the pattern, form and materiality of the warehouse buildings prevalent in the area. Use of winter gardens on the tower corners allows apartments to have high quality amenity space, free of strong winds. As extensions to the living spaces, they also add sales value. The high percentage of dual aspect apartments ensures high levels of daylight and ventilation to be easily achieved as well as addressing overheating. The scheme achieves BREEAM 'Excellent', meets London Plan's full requirement for 35% carbon reduction beyond Building Regulations 2013, is designed to the principles of Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, complies with the CIBSE TM52 document on overheating and contributes to wider urban renewal. The project is also delivered with BIM

Choose a few key elements you want to promote:
The Scheme is a highly innovative mixed use colocation scheme with 175 residential units sitting on a new school and commercial units with new public realm across low, mid and high rise. The project meets BREEAM ‘Excellent’



  • Multi-Aspect Apartments
  • Innovative House Types


  • High rise
  • High density
  • Medium density
  • Compact


  • Council
  • Private Ownership
  • Cross Subsidy
  • Mixed Use


  • Large New Settlements
  • Community Consultation
  • Custom build
  • Window distances
  • Urban Regeneration


  • Contemporary Design
  • Modern methods
  • Off-site


  • Low Carbon
  • Low Energy
  • Sustainable

Outdoor areas

  • Private Terraces
  • Roof Gardens
  • Roof Terrace
  • Outside Terrace
  • Biodiversity
  • Garden

Surrounding Area

  • Healthy Streets
  • Landscape
  • Communal Spaces
  • Community Buildings
  • Play Spaces
  • POS
  • Public open space


  • Wheelchair
  • Community

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