Entry type: Project

Number/street name: Rubicon, Knight’s Park, Eddington

Address line 2: Turing Way

City: Cambridge

Postcode: CB3 1SE

Architect: Alison Brooks Architects

Architect contact number: +44 (0) 20 7267 9777

Developer: Hill.

Contractor: Hill Partnerships

Planning Authority: Cambridge City CouncilSouth Cambridgeshire District Council

Planning Reference: 18/1195/REM

Date of Completion: 01/2023

Schedule of Accommodation: Studio apartments = x46 1 bed apartment = x60 2 bed apartments = x73 3 bed apartments = x2 3 bed duplex apartments = x5

Tenure Mix: 64% private sale, 36% University accommodation

Total number of homes: 186

Site size (hectares): 0.74 ha

Net Density (homes per hectare): 251 h/ha

Size of principal unit (sq m): 62 sqm

Smallest Unit (sq m): 38sqm (studio flat)

Largest unit (sq m): 160sqm (3-bed duplex apartment)

No of parking spaces: 187

Planning History:
This project began as an invited, developer-led design competition for North West Cambridge ‘Lot 3’ staged by the development JV in 2016; won by Alison Brooks Architects with Hill Partnership. ABA was appointed by Hill and developed the design with support from the University and local stakeholders to produce a landmark southern ‘edge’ to North West Cambridge. A Reserved Matters application for Lot S3 (Rubicon) was made on 09.08.2018 as part of the consented (2013) Outline Planning application for the North West Cambridge development. Cambridge City Council approved the scheme on 20th March 2019.

Description of the design:
Located at the gateway to Cambridge University’s ambitious North West Cambridge Development, Alison Brooks Architects’ residential quarter builds on the paradigm of the 19th century warehouse and offers a new concept of sustainable urban living. Lofts, warehouses and mills are today seen as ideal structures for contemporary lifestyles. Spacious, adaptable, sturdy and pragmatic, they imply communities with shared interests and a sense of place that grows out of building for the long term. Rubicon will offer this quality of embedded generosity with a robust super-insulated envelope (Code Level 5), ‘working foyers’, generous balconies and space for cycles in every apartment. This 186-unit scheme consists of five robust, S and L-planned adaptable buildings that create a distinctive urban edge to the new Green Corridor and wetland landscape beyond. Between each building intimate courts act as urban thresholds, interlocking with south facing gardens to overlook and embrace the landscape. Covered cycle store pavilions act as a threshold to each court, their filigree metal screens referring to the famous metal balustrades of St. John’s College First Court. The five buildings have been designed to have a palette of materials that reflects our Loft living concept, with robustness and permanence. Glazed bricks subtly change colour from east to west from pastel green, turquoise, light blue to silver-grey, giving each building a strong identity. Repetition of façade components and rationally distributed windows across the façades, give an overall sense of unity and evoke mill building typologies. The five buildings’ distinctive, undulating rooflines will create dramatic living spaces and combine to echo Cambridgeshire’s gently undulating landscape. Rubicon will signify a unique new urban character for North West Cambridge’s southern fringe that offers low-rise density, diversity and sustainability, with cycling-based urban living at its heart.

Choose a few key elements you want to promote:
Cambridge is a community where chance encounters between academics, professionals, students and business people create a unique blend of creative and intellectual life. Rubicon will offer communal ‘working foyers’ in every building that open on to the south facing courtyards. These street and garden facing foyers will enable informal co-working or large gatherings to catalyse active streetscape and sense of community. Cambridge has the highest rate of bicycle usage in the UK, but few homes offer integrated cycle parking. Rubicon leads the way by putting cycling at its core. Secure cycle storage is provided in the basement and courtyards, but



  • Multi-Aspect Apartments
  • Maisonettes
  • Mansion Block


  • High density


  • Affordable
  • Private Ownership
  • Mixed Tenure


  • Custom build


  • Brickwork
  • Contemporary Design


  • Low Carbon
  • Low Energy
  • Sustainable

Outdoor areas

  • Private Terraces
  • Roof Terrace
  • Biodiversity
  • Garden

Surrounding Area

  • Healthy Streets
  • Landscape
  • Communal Spaces
  • Community Buildings
  • Play Spaces
  • POS
  • Public open space


  • Community

- Level 5 Code for Sustainable Homes - Zero Carbon development - Fabric First with highly insulated walls and roofs achieving U values of 0.12W/sqmK and triple glazed windows - District heating system - Large arrays of PV panels - Bicycle promoting scheme providing double of cycle spaces as prescribed - Cross ventilation with increased number of dual aspect flats due to massing of blocks - Managed surface water run-off through rain gardens and SUDs achieving a 2 way filtration - Grey water usage - Green courtyards with indigenous plants - High density low rise development - Added social value through co-working spaces at entrance area


Yes /No

Further Details

Building for a Healthy Life


Building with Nature


Home Quality Mark


Up Front Carbon Assessment


Circular Economy Assessment Plan


Community Impact (Social Value)


Well/BREEAM (for mixed-use schemes)


Alison Brooks Architects used Level 5 Code for Sustainable Homes

Post Occupancy Evaluation


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