Scheme Packages

Choose a plan for your entry from the two below. It is recommended that schemes of 10 or more homes go for the Standard entry with more capacity for imagery because the judges will expect to see more whenever there is more to assess. (The minimum number the judges will review is 4 dwellings.)

For a preview of what a completed plan will look like once completed see the ‘view sample scheme’ hyperlink within each plan type below. It is not possible to change between plans once you have begun an entry. However, you can cancel and be refunded, then input into the other format – NB make screenshots of whatever you have input to speed up the process of adding data a second time – data formatting is the same for both plans. Click here for rules and regulations.

You can save your entry at any time and return to complete when convenient. The entry deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 5 March when the entry system will suspend access to uploading and edit functions.

Judges want to see the relationship of schemes to their surroundings through a mix of plans, CAD imagery or photography.

We advise that each entry submit not less than a third of its imagery as plans and sections because judges always address the liveability of each scheme, relying on the objective nature of internal plans and layouts, and pay a lot of attention to circulation and common parts. Entries that skimp on plans tend to arouse suspicion, however good the photography or CGIs supplied.

Apartments: submit a ground floor plan and at least one upper-level plan, preferably an intermediate floor and a top floor.
Houses submit the plans for each level and a site layout. Where there is a range of house types, choose at least two for assessment.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Entries can be either a Completed or Project entry.

  2. If a Completed, occupations must be later than December 2021, ie occupation in the past 24 months.

  3. If a Project, full planning approval (exc S106) must be in place by time judges meet to review in mid March.

  4. Developments must be 4 or more units.

  5. You can enter multiple schemes.