Private Amenity – All units are provided with private amenity space. Houses and ground floor flats have private gardens, first and second-floor flats all generally have south-facing balconies with some east/west balconies. There are no north facing balconies. Shared Amenity Space – The central space running east-west through the scheme is a shared communal garden which links the rears of the two terraces. Each resident has access to this ‘ginnel’ via a garden gate and the space is secured at each end encouraging small children’s play in this shared amenity asset which is planted and has street furniture including tables and benches. Public Amenity Space – There is a central space with small children’s play equipment at the heart of the scheme. A new secure play area is located in the North East corner of the site encouraging ‘natural play’. A number of other landscape improvements have been made across the site connecting into the adjacent estate.

Planning History

The scheme was submitted for planning in March 2015 and granted planning permission in February 2016. The application was revised during the submission process to incorporate design changes and material changes following outline costing. A positive pre-application process was carried out with the Local Authority to engage in the non-policy compliant aspects of the scheme including the 14m facade to facade distance, potential overlooking, and Passivhaus standard in lieu of renewables.

Project Team

Architect: Mikhail Riches & Cathy Hawley
Developer: Norwich City Council

Development Data

Site size (ha): 1.2809
Date of completion: 07/2019
Schedule of accommodation: Phase 1 40 x 2 bed houses; 5 x 4 bed houses; 3 x 2 bed flats; 45 x 1 bed flats; Phase 2 1 x 3 bed flat; 11 x 1 bed flats
Tenure mix: 100% Local Authority Social Housing
Size of typical home: 90
Parking spaces: 80 spaces (73%)

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