Each duplex flat enjoys two private amenity spaces. A ground floor courtyard which serves the bedrooms and a terrace which serves the living space on the top floor. Privacy is maintained through use of the buildings form at ground level, with no overlooking windows to other flats. High quality hard landscaping and planting will be used, with a view up to the terrace providing a visual link. The pitch of the roof is maintained either side of the first floor terrace to allow privacy, with a metal planter and privacy screen at the end of each terrace shielding views on to neighbouring properties.

Planning History

96/1177 - Full redevelopment (light industrial use) - Granted 10/0131 - Full redevelopment (office + 15 units) - Withdrawn 11/2202 - Full redevelopment (office + 8 units) - Refused 13/0610 - Full redevelopment (light industrial use) - Refused

Project Team

Architect: Autor
Developer: Euros Property

Development Data

Site size (ha): 0.102
Estimated date of completion: 10/2019
Schedule of accommodation: 1x1bed, 5x2bed, 3x3bed, 167 sqm commercial
Tenure mix: 100% private
Size of typical home: 71
Parking spaces: None

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