Entry type: Project

Number/street name: Coronation Square, 100

Address line 2: Oliver Road, Leyton

City: london

Postcode: E10 5YJ

Architect: PTE, Avison Young

Architect contact number: 020 7336 7777

Developer: Taylor Wimpey East London.

Contractor: Taylor Wimpey East London

Planning Authority: London Borough of Waltham Forest

Planning Reference:

Date of Completion:

Schedule of Accommodation: 284 x One Bed, 357 x Two Bed, 103 x Three Bed, 6 x Four Bed

Tenure Mix: Private 394 (53%)/ Affordable Rent 86 (11%) / Shared Ownership 270 (36%)

Total number of homes: 750

Site size (hectares): 3.38 ha

Net Density (homes per hectare): 256

Size of principal unit (sq m): 72

Smallest Unit (sq m): 53

Largest unit (sq m): 100

No of parking spaces:

Planning History:

Description of the design:
Taylor Wimpey has worked closely with consultants and the team at Waltham Forest Council in order to develop proposals that truly meet the needs of the entire community, bringing together a mix of high-quality housing to suit a wide range of buyers and vital new facilities that will cater to all ages. The team was thrilled that this major application has been approved and would like to thank councillors for taking the time to fully consider the many benefits that the development will bring to the Borough of Waltham Forest. The development will create approximately 200 long-term full-time jobs across a range of sectors, as well as construction jobs for the area including 38 training placements. 'This is the largest home building scheme in the Council’s current programme, and we are pleased that it now has conditional planning permission and is able to move forward. As well as providing much needed new homes, including affordable ones, the scheme also boosts the health care and child care facilities in Leyton as well as providing many other benefits for the wider community, including local jobs for local people both during and after the construction work.” Cllr Simon Miller, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Housing Delivery, Waltham Forest Council

Choose a few key elements you want to promote:
The Coronation Square site presents a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to Leyton by enhancing the area’s sport, leisure, flexible commercial offer alongside new high-quality public realm. This will be achieved while delivering much needed quality housing in a sustainable location. Taylor Wimpey believe in making lives better. Our vision for Coronation Square is aligned with the Council’s objectives, prioritising quality, placemaking and connectivity. Our proposal delivers a quality scheme that will bring significant positive change to the area and will provide: 750 new homes, 50% of which are affordable homes.



  • Courtyard House


  • High rise
  • High density


  • Affordable
  • Private Ownership
  • Shared Ownership
  • Mixed Tenure
  • Mixed Use


  • Estate Regeneration
  • Urban Infill
  • Urban Regeneration


  • Brickwork
  • Contemporary Design
  • New London Vernacular


  • Sustainable

Outdoor areas

  • Private Terraces
  • Biodiversity

Surrounding Area

  • Landscape
  • Community Buildings
  • Play Spaces
  • Public open space


  • Wheelchair

The design team have approached sustainability in a holistic sense considering social, economic, and ecological aspects of the project alongside efficient energy production. Our ambition at Coronation Square is to create homes and spaces that sustain, bond, and enrich existing and emerging neighbourhoods. The Market Square can become a vibrant local centre, delivering a range of community and commercial uses, bringing jobs and investment, while creating a distinctive sense of place. A District Heating Network or DHN will produce energy for Coronation Square and the emerging neighbourhood to the West, becoming vital infrastructure for this new piece of city. A summary of the ecological measures proposed are listed below: Water Sensitive Design • On plot management through different roof finishes; green/biodiverse and podium attenuation crates • Ground level management through the use of a network of channel/slot drains • Rain gardens as part of public realm proposals • Urban Ecology & opportunities for habitat creation • Wildlife corridors connecting the site with the wider local context • Opportunities for interaction between people and wildlife within the landscape • Productive gardens within the communal gardens, species diversity and seasonal variation to the planting • Integrated hibernacula and nesting opportunities for insects and birds. Energy Strategy Taylor Wimpey East London (TWEL) and the London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) have designed an energy strategy for the Coronation Square Redevelopment Project to meet current London Plan policy and GLA Guidance. The Strategy adopted for the development scheme aligns with the principles of the energy hierarchy: Be Lean, Be Clean and Be Green. The Development will meet the 35% minimum on-site reduction in regulated CO2 emissions over the Target Emission Rate (TER) for Approved Document Part L (AD L) 2013 through Be Lean, Be Clean and Be Green measures and will successfully deliver this for both domestic and non-domestic elements of the Development separately. Passive design measures have been included and will lead to a reduction in regulated CO2 emissions over the AD L 2013 TER and Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE) standard. A combination of Be Lean measures including energy-efficient building fabric, insulation to heat loss floors, walls and roofs, double-glazed windows, low-energy lighting, and efficient heating and ventilation systems will all contribute to an enhancement in energy performance. A dynamic simulation model and CIBSE TM59 overheating assessment for the new dwellings has been completed in parallel with the energy strategy to ensure the design approach adopted within the proposals successfully mitigates for overheating risk through passive measures. The feasibility of supplying decentralised energy to the development has been assessed in accordance with the GLA’s heating hierarchy. A site-wide heat network powered by Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and high-efficiency gas boilers will serve all domestic and non-domestic units and provide a source of decentralised energy to future occupants and users of the development. Coronation Square Redevelopment Project has been identified by the Applicant as having the potential as a strategically significant scheme. The site-wide heat network and energy centre as part of the core scheme now submitted with the planning application has the potential as a catalyst scheme for an area-wide heat network and is designed to serve 2,250 new dwellings within the Neighbourhood, positively contributing to the LBWF’s targets for decentralised energy. Future-proofing measures and space allowances within the energy centre are embedded within the development proposals to support the creation of an area-wide heat network. Opportunities to maximise renewable energy have also been assessed and all options reviewed for their practical, financial and technical viability in relation to the Development. Solar PV will be installed by the Applicant as the preferred strategy for renewable energy. The development achieves the zero-carbon homes standard in full through a carbon-offset payment which will successfully offset the shortfall in regulated CO2-emissions reduction.


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